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This page serves as a virtual scrapbook for an assortment of clips, vids, screen grabs and wallpapers about Tobias Beecher and Christopher Keller in "Oz" -- and/or their real-life counterparts, Lee Tergesen and Christopher Meloni. 

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Beecher and/or Keller in Seasons 1-6

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Oz Video Clips

From "The Routine," Season 1
In the beginning: Welcome to Oz, Tobias Beecher
The brand: Schillinger "befriends" Beecher

From "Capital P," Season 1
An upgrade: O'Reily has something new for Beecher 

From "The Straight Life," Season 1
Stoned: In Sister Pete's office 
Makeover: Beecher gets pretty 

From "To Your Healh," Season 1
A real drag: Beecher's "Got it Bad" 

From "Losing Your Appeal," Season 2
Boy meets boy: In the beginning...
Stick together: Nightmares and showers

From "Family Bizness," Season 2
Wrestling: Chris and Toby grapple
Bad news: McManus pays a visit
Comfort: Chris makes a grab

From "Strange Bedfellows," Season 2
Nightmare: Toby has a bad dream
Is it love: Toby wonders
Laundry room: Their first kiss

From "Escape from Oz," Season 2
Operation Toby: Love hurts

From "Out o' Time," Season 3
Happy New Year: The Kiss

From "Secret Identities" Season 3
Deleted Scene: Beecher in hospital

From "A Cock and Balls Story," Season 4
Keller is shot: And Beecher pulls him to safety.

Pre-"Grey Matter," Season 4
Deleted Scene: Kirk makes Beecher suspicious of Keller

From "You Bet Your Life," Season 4
Glean what?: Keller explains his tattoo, etc.

Pre-"Cuts Like a Knife," Season 4
Deleted Scene: Keller & O'Reily
Deleted Scene
: Welcome home, Keller

From "Cuts Like a Knife," Season 4
CLaK: Eight minutes from argument to kiss.

From "Orpheus Descending," Season 4 
Beecher as Orpheus: Hill's narration and a statuesque Beecher.

From "Even the Score," Season 4
Beecher faces the Rockwells: Before his first parole hearing. 

From "Famous Last Words," Season 4
Toby's parole: Dream or nightmare? 
Call from Chris: Audio from the commentary track -- Lee plays a cell phone call from Chris. Tom Fontana and Dean Winters comment. (MP3 file courtesy of RhymePhile.) 

From "Variety," Season 5
The Last Duet: Toby and Vern sing and dance.
Shut down: Long sequence of events, including Howell shutting Keller down and Beecher taking over the mail route and singing "Days Like These." 

From "Impotence," Season 5:
Undressed: Keller returns from court and, um, faces Sister Pete. Full Monty warning.
You've got mail: Beecher delivers comfort to Keller.

From "Dead Man Talking," Season 6:
Fathers and sons: Mr. Beecher visits Toby, talk about Harry. 
Your son loves me
: Mr. Beecher and Keller talk about appeal.

From "Sonata de Oz," Season 6
Don't forget me: A B/K kiss before parole.
Beecher goes free: Good-bye to Said, Sister Pete & Oz 

From "A Failure to Communicate," Season 6
Beecher visits Keller: Beecher returns to Oz to talk to his "client."
Keller visits Sister Pete: Keller's jealous.
I owe you my life: The show should've ended here, IMHO.
Kiss of death: Keller invites Winthrop to the storage room. Uh-oh. 

From "A Day in the Death," Season 6
Beecher returns: Not happy to see Keller
Beecher auditions: Setting the stage for MacBeth and Operation Toby II

From "Junkyard Dawgs," Season 6
Backstage with Keller
: Toby gets a demonstration of Chris' props.
Chris kisses Vern: A sure sign Keller's up to something. 

From "Exeunt Omnes," Season 6
Tempting Toby: Agent Taylor makes an offer. 
MacBeth: The play's the thing. 
The ultimate spoiler: Abandon hope all ye who click here.

"Oz" Season 6 deleted scenes
Thanks to Rhymephile for the clips!
Beecher and Sister Pete
Keller and Sister Pete
Beecher and Omar White


See LEEnsVIDs on YouTube for excellent "Oz," "Law & Order: SVU" and "Wanted" fanvids, trailers and parodies.

FanVids by FanFromFla:

Days Like These

This was my first attempt at making a video. The first half is simply a clip from the "Variety" episode of Oz. I loved the emotion of this scene (even though it broke my heart). After Beecher begins to sing, I edited in other key B/K scenes and repeated a verse to lengthen it. Created in May 2004.

Leap of Faith

Version 2.0 uploaded July 21, 2004.

I didn't know much about video-making (still don't), but every time I heard Bruce Springsteen's powerful song "Leap of Faith" (lyrics here), I was itching to set some of the B/K story to it. There are some lines in the song that I think fit them so perfectly:

... heartbreak and despair got nothing but boring
So I grabbed you baby like a wild pitch ...

... I kissed you and slipped into a bed of roses ... 

That line seems like B/K all over -- their love was beautiful,  but thorny. 

... The waters parted and love rushed inside
I was Jesus' son sanctified ...
... And in your love I'm born again ... 

There was so much about the B/K storyline that was about love and God and heaven and redemption. So,  these lyrics remind me of many instances in the B/K relationship, notably the good-bye scene in CLaK and the "I owe you my life" scene.

I didn't set out to make an alternate-universe ending, but it just seemed to flow that way. The video is upbeat from the start -- dancing Toby! -- and my heart just went with the love rather than the pain. 

Credits: All the clips come from recordings I made off HBO airings of "Oz." Thanks go to Dori of the Lee Tergesen site and photographer Jim Cox for a couple of the images that help wrap up this flight of fantasy.


Made in 2007 as a gift fulfilling a special request for Maverick, who wanted a B/K vid set to this song ("Laid" by James).


Chris screen caps & clips


Chris in SVU episode "Underbelly" 
Video clip: Elliot and Dani, flirting and kissing 

Chris in SVU episode "Confrontation" 
Video clip: A "brief" scene ;-)

Chris in SVU episode "Hooked"  
Video clip: Undercover Stabler is "a little stiff"
Video clip: Stabler pumps up, strips down
Screen captures from both scenes

Chris in SVU episode "Pandora" 
The perp slam:
Screen caps  

Chris in SVU episode "A Single Life" 
The blue briefs:
Screen caps // Video clip

Chris in SVU Season 2 deleted scene: 
Screen caps // Video clip

Chris in  SVU episode "Chameleon"
Video clip: Detective Stabler seduced

"Behind the Scenes at SVU," February 2005
Local TV report from West Palm Beach, Fla.

Video clip  


Chris on "Scrubs" (2003) 
Video clip: Thanks to ColleenDetroit! 

Chris in "Hope & Gloria" episode:
"Love with an Improper Stranger," 1995
Gallery: 35 screen caps & a synopsis
Video clip: 10 minutes of Chris' scenes 

Chris in "Shift" 
Video clip: Telemarketer calls, flirts
Video clip: Phone lines sizzle
Screen caps: Phone 1 // Phone 2 // Bunk
Links: Order Shift // About Shift

Chris in "NYPD Blue"
Screen captures from his five episodes

Chris in "Brown's Requiem"
One screen cap  

Chris in "The Last Don"
Screen caps // Video clip

Chris in "Fatal Love" (The Alison Gertz Story)
One screen cap  

"Leaving LA," 1997
Screen caps  (Eps 1-6)  
Episode 1 - Video clip
Episode 2 - Video clip  
Episode 3 - Video clip
Episode 4 - Video clip  
Episode 5 - Video clip  
Episode 6 - Video clip
Transcripts by LinnyB!

"Homicide: Life on the Street" episodes
Chris as Bounty Hunter Dennis Knoll

Screen caps
Video clip: Questioned about shooting
Video clip: Knoll demonstrates his technique
Video clip: Knoll and the gang on South Beach

Chris in TV Movie "Falsely Accused"
Video Clip: Nothin' but a towel

"1st and Ten," 1989
"The Con": Screen caps // Video clip
"Vindication": Screen caps
"Gunn and Bullette": Screen caps


Chris on Regis & Kelly, March 19, 2007
Gallery: 12 screen caps
Video clip: 6-minute interview

Chris on Conan O'Brian, March 13, 2007
Gallery: 20 screen caps
Video clip: 7-minute interview

Chris in People magazine, Nov. 27, 2006
Sexy Surroundings:
The whole spread // Just Chris

Chris on Celebrity Jeopardy
aired Nov. 11, 2006
Part 1 // Part 2

Chris on InFANity, TVGuide Channel
On the set of SVU; aired Nov. 6, 2006

Video clip: Chris talks, dances and flirts
Video clip: Misc. Chris clips
Video clip: Producer Neal Baer on SVU & Stabler 

Chris on Sesame Street 
Video clip: Ernie sings, Chris does a little dance
Clip courtesy of RhymePhile

Chris on Night of Too Many Stars, Oct. 16, 2006
Video clip: One minute of Chris on the show
Video clip: One minute of Chris before the show

Video clip (Thanks Colleen!)

Chris interviewed by WTLA, Jacksonville, Fla.
Video clip: Sept. 25, 2006

Chris on the Emmys 
Video clip: Aug. 27, 2006
Includes misc. reaction shots, Chris riding a Segway across the stage, Mariska's win and Chris' non-win.

Chris nominated for Emmy
Video clip: Bits from Access Hollywood, Extra and CNN

Chris on Today Show
Video clip: From Aug. 11, 2006 show

Chris on Conan O'Brian 
Video clip: From Aug. 1, 2006 show

Chris on Regis & Kelly
Video clip: From July 31, 2006 show

Chris on "Stand Up Nation," June 16, 2006:
Video clip  

Chris on "Noggin"
PSA: Video clip (thanks Colleen!) 
Poem: Video clip (thanks Teresa!) 

Chris on "The View," May 8, 2006:
Video clip  

Young Meloni in "Blind Date" McDonald's ad:
Video clip  

Chris in NBA All-Star Celebrity Basketball Game,
Feb. 23, 2006. Video clip  
About 4 minutes of "highlights"
Chris is No. 28, wearing headband and knee brace.

Chris on Ellen, Jan. 31, 2006:
Video clip   (Thanks, Erin!)
Ellen showed pic of Chris as a teen

Chris presenting at SAG awards Jan. 29, 2006:
Video clip  

Chris on Conan (5/20/05): 
Video Clip
(8 minutes)

Chris on "The View" (5/3/05):
Video Clip: Chris on the couch
(7 minutes)

Chris on Conan (7/22/04): Faces // Jeans
Chris on Jimmy Kimmel (7/26/04):
Entering, flexing and smiling
Chris on Ryan Seacrest (7/27/04):  Showing off
Chris on Regis and Kelly (7/29/04):
Jeans 1 // Jeans 2 // Jeans 3

Chris & Lee at the GLAAD Awards in 2000:
Video Clip // Gallery
Thanks to aostara and mjzjewel for some of the images
Collage of Pics (800x600)