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Holmes & Watson, Continued
This link takes you to a Work In Progress. It's mostly a list of Sherlock Holmes pastiches with summaries -- kind of a buyer's guide for me (and eventually perhaps any other interested soul). I'll be posting reviews of the ones I've read.


My Holmes & Watson Fan Video: On the Street Where You Live
I made this in May 2007 in the full bloom of discovering a new fandom. To connect the dots that led to me making this video...

I started reading the Sherlock Holmes mysteries anew and fell in love with the canon. The abundant subtext then drove me to fall in love with the fanfic. Then I started viewing the British series of Sherlock Holmes mysteries from the mid-1980s to '90s. Fell in love with Jeremy Brett. Upon devouring all things Brett and creating a Web site for him. I learned that he had played Freddy in the film version of "My Fair Lady" many moons ago. His character sings one of my all-time favorite songs, "On the Street Where You Live" (but some idiot unfairly decided to dub his splendid singing voice).

Nevertheless, the song played over and over and over in my head (and my tape deck) for days on end and insisted that I create a Holmes & Watson fanvid.

So, here's the result:
On the Street Where You Live (.wmv format).The song you hear is from the original Broadway cast of "My Fair Lady," with vocals by John Michael King as Freddy Eynsford-Hill. The clips are from "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes," starring Jeremy Brett and David Burke.


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